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“Safety culture” and the “human factor analysis” are scientific practices employed by the shipping industry to improve companies' safety management systems and to assist the personnel involved in achieving high performance and showing great capabilities. Companies that can perform with safety are in a position to understand the need of a proactive safety culture, improved resilience framework and skills, and continuous and thorough assessment of the human performance and its variability.

Human Performance
& Variability

The study of human performance and of its variability (onboard ships) is gaining the attention of the international maritime community. Dealing with human reliability gives a comprehensive part of the overall picture but we still need a performance based approach to conclude the picture. We are dealing with these issues in a holistic way: we are assessing performances, we are identifying interactions and interdependencies and we are drafting the human as part of a systems model; therefore we can give to our clients a complete assessment of the performance of its personnel and crew and its strong points, weaknesses and impacts.


Our training and educational programmes are focused on the human element and the human performance in maritime industry. All courses are tailor-made and and co-designed and developed fitting the culture, needs, and safety mindset of your company. Our goal is to improve and manage the human performance and to develop ways and methods of enhancing people’s understanding of the principles that stimulate and strengthen behavior of the people on shore and at sea.

Changing the
human performance
for the future

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services is the Greek Leading and forward-thinking company for safety culture/climate mapping and assessment; safety benchmarking and enhancement tools; resilience analysis and actions drafting; competence management; procedure assessment and restructuring; Human Element Performance; training development and effectiveness; and strategic reputation management.

VENLYS constantly seeks for ways and win-win solutions for its clients, with regards to the assessment and boosting of behaviours, attitudes, and the human performance. Our effort is to develop reliable and efficient solutions for safe working environment(s). Our commitment lies with the targets of continuous improvement, managing the unexpected, chronic unease and be always prepared.

Providing, supporting and enhancing safety in shipping and offshore industry has always been one of the greatest challenges for all involved stakeholders. It is high time we dealt with maritime safety and the human element in a structured and systematic manner.

We support our clients and their efforts for safety and efficiency with pioneering modular and digital services!

Lloyds's Safety Award

Lloyd’s Greek Shipping Award

We are very proud to announce that VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services has won the Lloyds Greek Shipping Award on the category of SAFETY for 2020.

Lloyds's Safety Award


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