Changing the Human Performance

for the Future

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services is the GREEK LEADING AND FORWARD-THINKING COMPANY for safety culture/climate mapping and assessment; safety benchmarking and enhancement tools; resilience analysis and actions drafting; competence management; procedure assessment and restructuring; HUMAN ELEMENT PERFORMANCE; training development and effectiveness; and strategic crisis and REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.  


VENLYS constantly seeks for ways and win-win solutions for its clients, FOR YOU with regards to the assessment and boosting of  behaviours, attitudes, and the human performance. Our effort is to develop reliable and efficient solutions for safe working environment(s). Our commitment lies with the targets of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, ZERO INCIDENT, MANAGING THE UNEXPECTED, CHRONIC UNEASE & BE ALWAYS PREPARED.


Providing, supporting and enhancing safety in shipping and offshore industry has always been one of the greatest challenges for all involved stakeholders. It is high time we dealt with maritime safety and the human element in a STRUCTURED AND SYSTEMATIC MANNER; WE SUPPORT our clients and their efforts for safety and efficiency with PIONEERING MODULAR AND DIGITAL SERVICES!



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