Changing the Human Performance for the Future

Experts on Resilience Practises & Human Factors

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services has put together a group of experts with significant theoretical and practical expertise with regards to the Maritime and the Oil & Gas industries. The members of the team are capable to support all services and training modules provided by VENLYS; the ultimate goal remains the strengthening of our clients, through the mapping and benchmarking of the Safety Culture/Climate of the company (both for shore and onboard personnel) and the proposal of specific implementation measures and strategies for the upgrading of the company to the next Safety level.

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services meets the set goals by employing highly trained and strongly motivated people and by developing long term or ad hoc scientific partnerships for the successful conclusion of its tasks and projects. The team of VELNYS and its partners comprise a group of engineers, researchers and maritime professionals capable to address and confront all problems at hand.

Katerina Skourtanioti
Managing Director

Company Timeline


-SIRE 2.0 Meets the Human Element


-SQLearn Collaboration
-DNV Collaboration Total Organisational Culture


-Safety Culture Benchmarking & Reassessment
-Effectiveness of Training
-Human Performance (initiative & measurement)
-Safety Award
-Lloyd's Greek Shipping Award

Lloyds's Safety Award


-Hong Kong , RTG Communication Collaboration
-Weak Signal Communication & Training
-Representatives in Hamburg, Middle East & Gulf


-Introduction of Crew Assessment Tool
-1st Posidonia Participation
-Provide Training in Philippines


-Introduction of leading Indicators


-Development of Safety Intelligence Hybrid Training


-Safety Culture Mapping Methodology
-1st Resillience Implementation Campaign
-Representative of Navigate Response in Greece


-Development of Behavior Based Safety Tool & Training


-Company Establishment
-DNV-GL-Developers & Trainers for Νon-Technical Skills (globaly)


Clientele Selection

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