Chronic Unease, Weak Signals & Human Limitations

The overall goal of the seminar is to address issues for the identification and dealing with weak signals; the focus is upon the human element.

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services will provide its services to establish a tailor-made seminar dealing with Chronic Unease, Weak Signals and Human Limitations; the rest of this brief report focuses on the work to be done for the development of the weak signals part of the seminar.

This process will comprise the following steps:

  • Data retrieval – company’s cases and examples;
  • Focus group;
  • Design phase;
  • Conduct of the seminar

The outcomes of the above-mentioned steps will be disseminated to the involved employees through a customized 1-day seminar.

  • Safety awareness;
  • Human Element as a contributing factor for incidents and Non-
    technical skills in brief;
  • Enhancing Situational Awareness with alarms;
  • Weak signals identification and management;
  • Improving Decision making with alarms;
  • How cognitive skills are impaired from human limitations (stress and
  • Chronic unease and how to control our fast brain;
  • Resilience as a remedy for alarm negligence.
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