Crew Assessment Tool

A structured objective & transparent process

VENLYS maritime specialisation services advanced assessment tool for seafarers will be utilized by the company’s shore personnel (e.g. Marine and/or Technical Superintendents) in order to improve the current assessment procedure of the crew (officer and ratings) performance on board ships. The implementation of this new assessment tool will be beneficial for a company as that there will be:

  • a structured, adapted, objective and transparent process for assessing the performance of the seafarers on board ships;
  • a common basis metrics applied to for all seafarers;
  • a continuous monitoring of the performance by the shore personnel.

Continuous monitoring of the seafarers’ performance on board ships will provide data that can be used as a Leading Indicator in order to better assess the Safety performance of the company. Therefore, this project can be a plug-in to the project of the identification of Safety metrics and development of Leading Indicators.

In particular the whole project is divided in the following phases:

  1. Evaluation of the existing tool (gap analysis)
  2. Set the goals/standards of the new assessment tool
  3. The new assessment tool
  4. Training of the shore personnel
  5. Pilot implementation



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