Leading Indicators

Evolution of Safety Culture

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services, as the leading company in the Safety Culture Measurement in Greece, explores the aspects of Human Factors, assesses the Safety Culture and provides the implementation steps for the evolution of the Safety Culture level to the next level by establishing a new safety perception as part of an overall proactive safety practice.

In that way a shift from practical applications of safety from “as few things as possible go wrong” to the “nouvelle vague” for the study of safety “as many things as possible go right” is introduced.

Following the analysis an Action Plan is formulated, which contains actions for advancing the current Safety Culture to the next level. After the finalisation of the Action Plan a question arises “is that enough?”.
The answer is NO.

Further actions are needed for a company to take all the advantages of a safety culture measurement. The identification of the appropriate Safety Metrics and the development of the corresponding Leading Indicators is essential towards to the upgrade of the Safety Level and the introduction of SAFETY-II in the procedures of a company.

Safety Metrics
Operational Safety Performance Data

The establishment of Leading Indicators is an innovative process for the identification, monitoring and the enhancement of Safety Culture in shipping companies that is highly related with weak signals.

Leading Indicators are selected by combining Safety Metrics with operational Safety Performance Data and determine significant relationships between them. The identified Safety Metrics and the development of the Leading Indicators are an integral part of monitoring the progress that has been achieved in relation to practical Safety Performance.

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