Media Handling Training for shipping companies

Strategic Communication and Media Awareness + Advanced Training - Preparing Spokespersons

This course is intended to give important information, hints and tools and provide significant training for:

  • Strategic communication;
  • General media awareness;
  • Important information and training for handling the media and all stakeholders (to those who will contact the media before, during and after a crisis).

This course is suited for those who need an awareness of communication technics, the media in all its forms and who may need to support those managers who could undertake media interviews. Moreover, the advanced training course is intended to prepare spokespersons to acquire confidence, to handle negative media with responsibility and transparency in order to protect and promote the company reputation.

Participants are being trained for “face to face” interviews and also for “press conference”.

  • Communication technics;
  • Interviews (Interview formats and techniques);
  • Handling the crisis. Rules and valuable information about aggressive media (especially calls and door–stepping);
  • Key messages and dealing with questions;
  • Training (Role-play, IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA). Playback and critique of the role-play.


One day course for up to 16 persons. Due to COVID 19 adjustments have to be made according to the official regulation and measurements. This course can also be a combination of the presence of the trainers at the premises of the company (up to 6 persons) and an on-line conference with personnel abroad.

Certificates will be provided to all attendees to satisfy vetting, charterer and other stakeholder requirements.

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