Personalised Evidential Training (PET)

Measuring the effectiveness of training

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services has shown strong commitment to enforce its training methods with innovations and pioneering tools that will offer a different experience to trainees and make training courses more than just a simple training.

In that sense we would like to introduce for the first time: Personalised Evidential Training.

Personalised Evidential Training is an innovative training tool, which is complementary to our existing training scheme.

The utilization of Personalised Evidential Training will assist the client to detect specific issues/deficiencies of the trainees. The detection of the potential issues is based on the evidential experience of each trainee, e.g. level of competences, Non-Technical Skills awareness, level of safety training, safety accountability etc. Following the detection phase, a training procedure will be set up (design phase) specifically focused and adapted on the audience and on the client’s needs.

VENLYS ultimate goal is to offer its clients, services that are exclusively adjusted and tailored to their needs, to enhance the role and the overall performance of human factor in shipping. This will assist us to achieve our vision, which is to become a safety twin for all our clients and then establish a strong safety related network that can play a significant role in the industry.

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