For VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services building and studying resilience is a long standing objective and a multiple year effort. Combining principles from resilience engineering with human element related aspects and characteristics permitted us to promote an innovative resilience framework and relevant activities. SHELL elegantly targeted to compliance and solid implementation of resilience, our goal remains to go one step further, to introduce a new rationale for safety and resilience. 


We can define SHELL induced resilience in a simple, brief and self-explanatory manner: for us it is to be able to 'Manage the Unexpected’! This can initiate further discussions and actions, we can all work together towards a safer and MORE RESILIENT industry!

Katerina Skourtanioti / Managing Director

Neda Maritime Agency Resilience pocket guide 2016.
Neda Maritime Agency Resilience pocket guide 2016.
Neda Maritime Agency Resilience pocket guide 2016.
Neda Maritime Agency Resilience pocket guide 2016.

Resilience, Mental Health & Well being - Safety Campaigns 

Innovative Tools

VENLYS maritime specialisation services offers a wide spectrum of tools which can be utilized to a Resilience/Safety Campaign so as the new strategy/goals of the company to be spread among the employees, on board and ashore. Indicatively some of the tools are:

  • Posters

  • 3D Posters

  • various multimedia (e.g. videos, infographics)

  • innovative games

  • Booklets

  • Computer Based Training (CBT)

  • Other projects tailor made for clients needs


Building Organisational Resilience

Shore and Sea Personnel

Understanding what is resilience through Stress Management Technics, Human Factors, Attitudes, Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) and  case studies and role-plays. Focus on:

  • Managing stress;

  • Mental Health and Well being; 

  • Situational awareness;

  • Flexible and accurate thinking;

  • Ability to identify emotional experiences and control emotional response to external events;

  • Active and Safe communication;

  • Make connections;

  • Passing from Crew Resource Management (CRM) to Personal Resource Management (PRM);

  • Table top exercises.

Ocean Water

Crew Facilitators Project and Beyond


  • Selections Training  

  • Feedback

  • Monitoring & Calibration

Based on Resilience Project for the crew on board, VENLYS offers a holistic and advanced training experience for the Facilitators by properly preparing Facilitators to conduct all Modules on board and promote the meaning of Resilience to the seafarers and therefore evolve the Safety Culture of the fleet.


An innovative and advanced methodology is applied for the identification of the Facilitators is implemented in order to selected seafarers who have the ability to present different Modules in their colleagues on board vessels.


The facilitators will be prepared to facilitate/deliver, to their colleagues on board vessel, Resilience and convey messages as well as practices focusing on the concept of Resilience and the respective modules.


For VENLYS the feedback received by the Facilitators and the rest of the crew members for this experience is crucial for:

  • the continuous monitoring of the project’s progress;

  • proceeding to corrective actions if needed;

  • the customization of the project to the Facilitators needs;

  • calibrating the process and the employed tools;

  •  enhancing the training experience of the Facilitators and the on-board resilience facilitation.

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