Resilience, Mental Health & Well being

We support maritime companies in turning well-being of both shore and crew personnel into a strategic priority, reinforcing a culture of safety, caring and recognition.

This seminar aims at introducing the concepts of Resilience, Well-being & Mental Health (in shipping) to the shore and sea personnel of the company. The goal is to nurture employees’ physical, mental and emotional welfare towards a sustainable environment.

Additionally, the scope of the seminar is to enhance Facilitators and present them techniques to better conduct Shell’s Modules; in particular, the seminar will promote the importance of resilience with respect to maritime safety, ship productivity and the performance of the human element.

Understanding what is resilience through Stress management technics, Human Factors identification, Attitudes, case studies and role-plays.

The focus is on:

  • Managing Stress;
  • Mental Health & Well Being;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Crises and decision making
  • Ability to identify emotional experiences and control emotional response to external events;
  • Active communication;
  • Make connections.
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