Make safety a priority for your organization. Turn from Safety-I to Safety-II.


According to the traditional safety approach (Safety-I), safety is defined as a state where ‘as few things as possible go wrong’ and humans are predominantly viewed as a liability or even a hazard. However in the modern approach of safety the research must distance itself from defining safety as a mere reaction to accidents or even catastrophes. In effect, Safety-II has stepped in which relates to the system’s ability to succeed under varying conditions. Safety-II moves to the direction that ensures that ‘as many things as possible go right’. In this case, humans are seen as a necessary resource with respect to systems flexibility and resilience. 


VENLYS can measure and enhance organization’s safety culture and finally help organization move from Safety-I to Safety-II.


Safety culture is defined as the aspects/characteristics of the organizational culture that influence attitudes and behaviours related to the increasing or decreasing of risk. A functional safety culture brings open communication, continuous improvement and effectiveness and requires continuous commitment from all levels of the organization.

An effective safety culture develops an environment in which seafarers do the right thing, all the time, even when no one is watching! To drive this level of performance in the maritime environment, factors like management beliefs, values, myths and company policies and procedures must be aligned and reinforce those values. Responding to unsafe behaviours with corrective actions like training and communication, activities that ensure the active involvement of all employees, is a win-win solution for the strengthening of the safety culture of an organization.


VENLYS can measure safety culture effectiveness, with a combination of attitude questionnaires, surveys and interviews with physical reviews of documented performance. Based upon these findings, customized training programs are developed and conducted in order to help build a sustainable safety culture at all levels of an organization.

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