Safety Intelligence

Cognitive Skills (Situational Awareness and Decision Making)
Social Skills (Safety Leadership, Communication and Teamwork)
Human Limitations (Fatigue and Stress Management).

One of the key challenges we are currently facing, is the need to ensure that both office personnel and seafarers are properly trained and skilled to cope with the rapid evolution of technology and the continuous commercial developments and introduction and revision of procedures.

To date, during Safety Culture assessments, some of the main problematic issues that have been identified are situational awareness, communication, and conflict management. With regards to safety, a special focus is given to Safety Intelligence as a tool of enhancing the records and capability of a company. In particular, this is an advanced framework which combines accountability, situational awareness, decision making, human limitations, and social skills and is developed by the top management of a company (e.g. CEO): it can be targeted, tailor-made and produce results with increased value (incl. exploitability).

The Safety intelligence course is focused oin highlighting the following:

  • What does really cause poor communication and conflicts between colleagues and departments, as well as seafarers and office personnel?
  • What is situational awareness, decision making and assertiveness?
  • Situational Awareness and Decision making – The importance and the connection;
  • Social skills;
  • Safety Leadership and effective communication;
  • Copying with fatigue;
  • Just culture and fatigue;
  • Stress management and decision making;

The purpose of each course is to gather the respective shore and sea personnel, in order to identify the common issue relative to Human Factors and to enhance the safety accountability. This course will be highly interactive, with discussion among the participants, as well as role playing activities.

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