Having Safety As a Value 

VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services is the GREEK LEADING COMPANY for safety culture/climate mapping and assessment.

VENLYS constantly seeks for ways and win-win solutions for its clients, FOR YOU with regards to the assessment and boosting of  behaviours, attitudes, and the human performance. Our effort is to develop reliable and efficient solutions for safe working environment(s).

VENLYS introduces an innovative rationale and tools to strengthen safety in the maritime domain; shifting the definition and practical application of safety from ‘as few things as possible go wrong’ to the visionary safety perspective of ‘as many things as possible go right’  is OUR PRACTICE of dealing with marine and occupational safety, is OUR WAY of problem-solving. 

For VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services building and studying resilience is a long standing objective and a multiple year scientific effort. 

Our References

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