Changing The Human Performance for the Future


Providing, supporting and enhancing safety in the maritime domain has always been one of the greatest challenges for ship operators. From the accident of the Titanic to that of the Costa Concordia, seafarers are apt to behave in critical situations with the same wrong mental model, considering that some human and organizational factors were present in both catastrophes. To date, safety in the maritime domain shifts from ensuring that ‘as few things as possible go wrong’ (Safety-I) to ‘as many things as possible go right’ (Safety-II). The emphasis is Safety-II is placed on Human Factors.


Human factors is a dynamic multi-disciplinary concept developed on the condition that human element is strongly linked with the functioning of technology, people, design, and operation. In consequence, the field of human factors is the discipline devoted to the optimization of human element, and of the human-system interaction. A number of studies conducted by various maritime organizations and institutes indicated that more than 80 % of accidents on ships worldwide are due to human factors.

VENLYS maritime specialisation services is here to contribute the shifting of your company from Safety-I to Safety-II. 

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