SIRE 2.0 Meets the Human Element

As OCIMF announced the roll-out phase of the new digitalized tanker inspection programme, it is imperative for onboard personnel to become well acquainted with the new requirements.

The new Ship Inspection Report Programme, SIRE 2.0, is expected to “…future proof the inspection process in line with evolving RISKS, technology and expertise…”
The new SIRE 2.0 identifies “Human Element” as one core element with critical implications on vessel’s safety.

To that end we’ve developed an interactive one-day workshop to enable attendees understand the new inspection process. At the same time, through the application of practical cases, participants will have the opportunity to figure out their next steps, as they try to increase their readiness for the new regime.

During this interactive workshop the following training objectives are expected to be accomplished by the attendees:

  • To become aware of the differences between SIRE 2.0 and VIQ 7
  • To get acquainted with the new structure and requirements of the SIRE 2.0
  • To understand the new risk-based approach and how this can be used to the identification of critical tasks onboard
  • To become familiar with the Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) and understand their effect on the accomplishment of critical tasks onboard
  • To realize the inter-relationship among SIRE 2.0 and existing regulations (e.g. ISM Code, STCW) and industry best practices such as Human Factor Management and Self-Assessment (HFMSA) and TMSA 3
  • To understand the OCIMF five focus areas
  • To figure out a suitable and customized plan in our preparation for the new regime

This course will be highly interactive, with discussion among the participants, as well as role-playing activities.


1 day – classroom

  • OCIMF SIRE 2.0 Question Library
  • SHELL Human Performance
  • IMO ISM Code and STCW
  • OCIMF Behavioral Competency Assessment
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