"The Safety Journey: from Deadly Dozen to HFMSA"

According to OCIMF “Human Factors are the physical, psychological and social characteristics that affect human interaction with equipment, systems, processes other individuals and work teams.” As Human Factors affect safe and efficient operations onboard, by controlling these interactions we can reduce human error, reduce incidents and improve reliability and productivity.


During this interactive workshop the following sections/modules will be presented in the suggested time-frame:
Module 1: Introduction – Safety and the changing mindset
  • Safety in numbers
  • The deadly dozen
  • The OCIMF Human Factors Approach
Module 2: Leadership on the line
  • OCIMF’s eight principles on human factors
  • Focus areas and framework
  • Todd Conklin on Human Performance
  • Learning from incidents: MV Marti Princess and Renate Schulte
Module 3: Embracing a new Leadership mindset
  • Integrating human factors into management systems
  • Psychological safety and performance onboard
  • SHELL Human Performance
  • IMO ISM Code and STCW
  • OCIMF Behavioral Competency Assessment
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