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Covid 19

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow guidelines and restrictions in order to protect colleagues, family and clients. 
Therefore we have extended our distance-learning capacity, meetings and courses; especially for the courses we offer an online 3-tier scheme, as follows:

  1. Large group training and webinars – maximum 3 hours sessions (up to 80 persons)

  2. Key personnel interactive tailor made workshops (1-2 days - 3 hours/day, up to 12 persons)

  3. NEW One-to-one or one-to-few , 30 minute interactive snapshots on agreed topics (based on our personalised key training scheme)

  4. New course combining the presence of the trainers at the premises of the company (up to 10 persons) and an on-line conference with seafarers and personnel abroad. 


We are continuously supporting our clients. Through our services and initiatives are always focusing on the enhancement of maritime safety by offering new products and services in the new post-pandemic era. 


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